Who Is D’Nerro? Nelly’s New Girl Group
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Who Is D’Nerro? Nelly’s New Girl Group

Nelly is one of the most popular Hip Hop acts of all time. He made waves in the early 2000s, and is still going strong. Nelly has crossed many milestones throughout his career, including the establishment of his record label, Derrty Entertainment. The label has managed quite a few artists, such as Slyro Jenkins and King Jacobs. More recently, Nelly’s label has been responsible for the upcoming rap group, D’Nerro. 

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Who Are The Members of D’Nerro?

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D’Nerro comprises four young female rappers: JMoney, KortneyyyB, Bunk Bandz, and Dara Dollaz. All members of the group have been dedicated to putting their best into their craft. Moreover, they have showcased a seamless unity between themselves, working with one another to promote the collective. So far, the group’s style infuses heavy storytelling and dialogue. 

The group’s most recent single, “Girl Talk,” and its music video are slowly but steadily garnering buzz. D’Nerro has released two other music videos for the tracks: “5500,” feat. 42 Dugg, and “175.” Both songs can be found on their official YouTube channel, where they are racking up thousands of views. Besides these songs, the group also released a freestyle in October in conjunction with Go Crazy TV.

JMoney (Justice)

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JMoney is a rapper, self-love influencer and 1/4 of D’Nerro. The founder of the #justicecherabeautymovement, she frequently uploads self-love and introspective quotes in the form of colorful pictures and designs. JMoney is also a Tennessee State alumna who graduated on the Dean’s list in November 2021. As a D’Nerro member, she brings a gritty flow to the mix, making the group’s general tone impactful.  

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KortneyyyB (Kortney)

D’Nerro’s KortneyyyB is a rapper and hairstylist. She has a business page on Instagram where she promotes her services and skills. KortneyyyB is not only skilled as a hairstylist, but is also a licensed cosmetologist. In her position as a D’Nerro member, Kortney contributes heavy-hitting but laid-back bars. With a mellow flow, she swerves in and out of verses with skill, infusing noticeable one-liners. 

Bunk Bandz (Bunk)

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Bunk does not share much about herself on her social media outside of her role as a member of D’Nerro. She also has a laid-back rap style, with flows that blend in perfectly with other members of the group. Nonetheless, Bunk, or “Big Bunk” as she sometimes calls herself, employs a powerful delivery whenever she steps up. She also brings a lot of hype to the group, both as a rapper and dancer. 

Daradollaz (Dara) 

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Daradollaz is a rapper and entrepreneur with extensive experience in fashion. The artist owns a fashion brand called Dresscode Wardrobe. Through this brand, she designs and sells leather pants, t-shirts, varsity jackets, hoodies, shorts, baseball caps, and other casual clothing items. As a member of D’Nerro, Dara contributes a lot of value, bringing her skills as both a rapper and entrepreneur to the fore.

So, What’s Next for D’Nerro?

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D’Nerro put out “Girl’s Talk” in September and collaborated with Go Crazy TV on a freestyle in October. That’s the last time they released anything, so it’s only a matter of time before they’re back in our faces. Overall, their future looks bright and promising, as they undoubtedly have the skills to fuel a long career. Nelly has also been actively involved with the group, posting updates about their most recent releases. With this industry backing, fans most definitely can’t wait to see what they do next!  


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