‘RHOSLC’s Lisa Barlow: Meredith Marks Snitched On Jen Shah To The Feds!!
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‘RHOSLC’s Lisa Barlow: Meredith Marks Snitched On Jen Shah To The Feds!!

Bravo finally aired the footage of RHOSLC’s arrest of Jen Shah. In new clips posted by Bravo Insider, Lisa Barlow is seen calling six of her attorneys — she also claimed that Meredith Marks may have known something about Jen’s arrest.

“I think Meredith might know something,” says Lisa quietly. “I mean, I’m dead serious because of some other stuff.”

The ladies also press Lisa about what she knows of Jen’s business.

“You’ve been the closest to her over the last three months. What the hell is going on?” Whitney Rose asks.

 “I never talk to her about business. She’s ambiguous about it,” says Lisa.

In September, Meredith denied snitching on Jen. 

“I’m not a practicing lawyer, I never have been a practicing lawyer, but I am a licensed lawyer and I do have the background and the education.” she told E! News. “So I think in some ways my knowledge of the law might have lead people to believe that I knew more about this situation than they did or than the general public did I guess. I don’t really know.”


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