Marvel Makes Winston Duke New Black Panther . … Not Letitia Wright!
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Marvel Makes Winston Duke New Black Panther . … Not Letitia Wright!

When Chadwick Boseman died tragically, the Black Panther movie franchise was sent into chaos – with producers for the sequel needing to name a new hero take on the responsibility.

Initially they planned on using Letitia Wright, who played Shuri in the first Black Panther – to take on the role. But Letitia’s political views may have lost her the opportunity.

Marvel appears to have switched up their plans. Letitia Wright is currently home in England, while the movie is being filmed in Atlanta, MTO News confirmed.

The Hollywood Reporter last week published an article stating that production on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will be paused, as Wright recuperates at home in London from an “injury” she sustained on the set in Boston in August.

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Unfortunately, Letitia can’t return to the United States, because she refuses to get the Covid vaccine.

And now Marvel appears ready to move on from Letitia, and another Black Panther actor, Winston Duke, will be playing Black Panther.

Here’s what the trusted website Giant Freakin Robot is saying:

 the ending for Black Panther 2 had been adjusted and Shuri would give the title up in the end. It sounds like Shuri will be passing the title on to Winston Duke’s M’Baku. It’s going to be interesting to see how the movie leads up to that pivotal moment, and how they establish what M’Baku’s leadership will mean for Wakanda’s future after Black Panther 2.


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