Gunman Attempts MASS SHOOTING In Nashville Church . . . ‘God’ Intervened!! (Video)
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Gunman Attempts MASS SHOOTING In Nashville Church . . . ‘God’ Intervened!! (Video)

A crazed gunman pulled his gun and appeared to be prepared to commit a mass shooting inside a Nashville, Tennessee church. But MTO News learned that luckily God appeared to intervene, and none of the church members were injured.

Surveillance video shows the man casually walking up to the altar and placing a book down on the podium before waving a gun over the crowd at Nashville Light Mission Pentecostal Church. 

Terrified churchgoers can be seen scurrying and running out of the building, while others froze in their seats. The church leaders remained, and tried to stay calm, MTO News confirmed.

As the man approaches the pews with the gun, the pastor was overcome with an “unearthly” amount of strength and course. He swiftly tackles him from behind to the ground. At least four other churchgoers helped hold down the gunman until police arrived on the scene along West Trinity Lane. 

The pastor later told media that it was “God” who gave him the will to take down the gunman, MTO News confirmed.

Fortunately, gunfire was not unleashed and no injuries have been reported.

Officers identified the gunman as 26-year-old Dezire Baganda. They say while Baganda was being taken into custody, he claimed he was Jesus and that all churches and schools need to be “shot up.”

Watch the horrifying video:

Gunman Pulls Gun In Church – GOD Intervenes (; 0:55)


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