TOP Actor On The Verge Of COMING OUT As Bisexual!!
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TOP Actor On The Verge Of COMING OUT As Bisexual!!

One of the biggest actors in the world will be coming out as bisexual very soon, MTO News has learned and the actor’s famous wife will be “supporting” him, MTO News has learned.

MTO News spoke with a person in the know who claims that one of the most famous actors in the world plans on “coming out” as bisexual. 

Our insider claims that the actor is working on a produced social media video, where he’ll disclose that he’s had “relationships” with both males and females. The actor does not specify – in the produced video – whether the relationships were intimate, or merely emotional.

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And the actor’s wife, MTO News has learned, plans on coming out shortly after and supporting her husband.

Here’s what the insider told MTO News, “Not everyone thinks this ‘coming out’ is such a good idea, but [the married couple] think that it will be healing for everyone.”

Expect to see the announcement at some point over the next few days. According to our insider, the “revelation” was already filmed, and editors are currently working on the final cut.

Expect the “bisexual revelation” to be the talk of internet for about a week afterwards.


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