TikTok Star Livestreams During SHOOTOUT… Gets 10,000 LIKES!!
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TikTok Star Livestreams During SHOOTOUT… Gets 10,000 LIKES!!

A girl from Baton Rouge has become the latest TikTok star – after she live-streamed herself walking past a deadly shootout – eating candy and chilling as though nothing important was happening, MTO News has learned.

The Louisiana girl posted the video on the social media site, and quickly garnered millions of views and a reported 10,000 likes, MTO confirmed.

In the video, which has since gone viral, the girl is seen walking while gunshots can be heard in the background. Surprisingly, the young woman did not seem to be frightened by the bullets. Luckily, she was not hit by any of them either.

Instead, the girl is seen laughing, and eating candy, MTO News observed.

The girl – who is now considered a TikTok star given the popularity of the video – laughs while saying, “They’re stupid” – referring to the gummen.

According to local reports the shootout reportedly left at least 3 people injured, with one person not expected to survive.


TikTok Star Livestreams During SHOOTOUT… Gets 10,000 LIKES!! (; 0:55)

Murders have skyrocketed in Louisiana’s capital since 2020 while the homicide clearance rate has ticked downward.

That trend is reflected across the country but more sharply pronounced in East Baton Rouge.

The parish this week recorded its 119th murder of 2021, surpassing the record high set last year. With more than 100 vacancies among the ranks of sworn officers, the Baton Rouge Police Department, which responds to the vast majority of homicides and nonfatal shootings, is stretched thinner than ever.


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