Taylor Swift Forgets the Lyrics to ‘Last Kiss’ — Not Once, But Twice — During Eras Tour Concert in KC
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Taylor Swift Forgets the Lyrics to ‘Last Kiss’ — Not Once, But Twice — During Eras Tour Concert in KC

Taylor Swift was having a bit of trouble remembering her song lyrics during her Eras Tour stop in Kansas City, Mo., on Saturday (July 8).

During the acoustic section of her set at Geha Field at Arrowhead Stadium, the 33-year-old pop star hilariously forget the words — not once, but twice — to her sorrowful 2010 Speak Now track “Last Kiss.”


After effortlessly singing the first two lines of the opening verse, Swift accidentally skipped ahead to the “July ninth” portion of the second verse before pausing to acknowledge her mistake.

“Oh my God, the words… We have this rule on this tour where if I mess up a song that I have to play it again some other time on the tour so that I can avenge myself,” she explained to the crowd. “I got too excited, I got too excited. Will you allow me the honor of starting over?”

Swift then restarted the tune, getting through the first three lines without a hitch, before halting once again to second-guess herself.

“Oh my God! No, those are the right lyrics,” Tay said, repeating the opening lines. “I swear that I will not mess this up again! Oh my God! This one, I love this one. Why am I doing this to this song?”

The third time was a charm, as the songstress effortlessly delivered the Speak Now track without further interruption.

Prior to performing “Last Kiss,” Swift reminded the sold-out crowd of the date, which plays an important role in the song. “I don’t know if you noticed what the date is today, but it’s July 8th,” she said. “Soon it will be July 9th. You know what time it is, Kansas City. It’s time to play ‘Last Kiss’ and cry.”

“Last Kiss” reached No. 71 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2010. In the prologue included in the vinyl edition of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), the newly released re-recorded version of her third album, Swift called it “the saddest song I’ve ever written.”

Watch Swift’s performance of “Last Kiss” in Kansas City here.


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