RIP Marília Mendonça: Watch Her Perform Three of Her Biggest Hits
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RIP Marília Mendonça: Watch Her Perform Three of Her Biggest Hits

Brazilian sertanejo star Marília Mendonça died Friday (Nov. 5) in a small plane crash as she was on her way to perform a concert in the state of Minas Gerais. She was 26 years old.

A superb contralto with a deep, soulful voice that brought a touch of international pop sentiment to the traditional, accordion-accompanied music she sang, Mendonca had a massive following in her native Brazil. It was amplified even during the pandemic, where she showcased her vocals via a series of livestreams from her living room.

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From 2015’s “Infiel” to “Esqueça-me Se For Capaz,” released just two weeks ago, here are five timeless Mendonça hits to remember her by.

1. “Infiel”

2. “Esqueça-me Se For Capaz,” with Maiara e Maraisa

3. “Troca de Calçada”



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