Miley Cyrus Recalls How Beyoncé & Rihanna ‘Treated Me Like a Little Sister’ in 2008
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Miley Cyrus Recalls How Beyoncé & Rihanna ‘Treated Me Like a Little Sister’ in 2008

Miley Cyrus has nothing but love for Beyoncé and Rihanna. In a recent installment of her “Used to Be Young” TikTok series, the “Flowers” singer recalled how kind the two pop icons were to her when she was just 15, working on their 2008 group performance for Stand Up to Cancer.


Looking at video footage of her younger self standing between Bey and Ri on stage — alongside Mariah Carey, Fergie, Carrie Underwood, Nicole Scherzinger, Mary J. Blige, Leona Lewis and more fellow female stars — Cyrus smiled proudly. “What I remember most from doing this performance is I was standing in between two of the big legends and icons that I was looking up to at the time, and they treated me like a little sister the entire time,” she gushed. “They were being really sweet.”

And even though it was half her lifetime ago, singing as a teenager next to two of the most famous musicians in the world still comes with bragging rights. “I got brackets on the back of my teeth, and I’m singing with Beyoncé,” Cyrus flexed.

The former Disney star also recalled how a certain “Umbrella” singer hooked her up with a dance move to use during the performance, which was hosted by Fashion Rocks on live TV to raise money for cancer research. The group of women sang a song titled “Just Stand Up,” with Cyrus and Ri in charge of singing each pre-chorus as a duet.

“Rihanna gave me this choreo,” Cyrus said, pointing out a moment where the two ladies mime brushing off their shoulders on cue to the lyric “If you fall, dust it off.”

Cyrus has been reflecting on her past in a confessional TikTok series she put together to celebrate her new single “Used to Be Young,” looking back at old videos and mementos from her near lifetime of stardom. In past installments, she’s opened up about her brutal Hannah Montana era work schedule, the surprise success of her first Meet Miley Cyrus single “See You Again,” the controversy over her topless Vanity Fair cover and that hilarious photo of her wearing sweats while standing next to Emily Osment, Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato, the three of whom are in full glam.

 “If you guys didn’t know I was bisexual from this damn picture, I don’t know what’s wrong with you,” she joked of the photograph.


Used To Be Young (Series) – PART 16

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