Latin Remix of the Week: ‘El Swing 2.0’ by Christian Alicea, Luis Figueroa, Moa Rivera & Luis Vázquez
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Latin Remix of the Week: ‘El Swing 2.0’ by Christian Alicea, Luis Figueroa, Moa Rivera & Luis Vázquez

In our Latin Remix of the Week series, we spotlight remixes that the Billboard Latin and Billboard Español editors deem to be exceptional and distinct from the rest. We might not publish a review every week. This is our selection today.

Christian Alicea is not merely reviving the art of salsa; he’s rebooting it for a new generation, infusing the classic genre with a 2.0 update that’s as vibrant as it is innovative.

Last fall, Alicea created the invigorating tropical hit “El Swing,” replete with rich percussion, lively trumpets, and larger-than-life choruses that soared to No. 18 on the Tropical Airplay chart by November.


With “El Swing 2.0,” the remix, the Puerto Rican singer escalates his mission, bringing on board the talents of Luis Figueroa, Moa Rivera (self-proclaimed as La Voz Sensual de la Salsa), and Luis Vázquez, marking a groundbreaking collaboration to further boost salsa’s resurgence. Each artist injects their unique essence into the mix, introducing fresh verses that both honor and refresh the genre’s storied footprint.

The significance of this ensemble is underscored as all participants were spotlighted on Billboard’s list of 15 Artists Keeping the Tropical Genre Alive, heralding them as custodians of salsa’s vibrant future.

The music video for “El Swing 2.0” extends this playful homage its longevity, casting the singers as baseball players — a nod to the multifaceted meaning of “swing” in both music and life. The song is produced by Eliot El Mago D Oz and DJ Buddha.

“Working with Luis Figueroa, Moa Rivera, and Luis Vazquez has been an incredible experience,” said Alicea in a statement. “Their passion for music and dedication to pushing boundaries aligns perfectly with my own artistic vision. Together, we’ve reimagined ‘El Swing’ in a way that pays homage to its roots while paving the way for its future.”

This project is a continuation of Alicea’s homage to the style’s rich heritage, as seen in his 2023 debut album Yo, where he boldly reimagined Marc Anthony’s iconic 2004 album cover for Valió La Pena. His debut album also placed three songs on the Tropical Airplay chart.

Last year, the artist signed an exclusive booking agreement with Loud and Live.

Moreover, his recognition as the only salsa artist on Billboard‘s Latin Artists to Watch in 2024 testifies his role as a pivotal figure in the genre’s evolution. Alicea’s upcoming album arrives March 15.

Watch the video for “El Swing 2.0” below:


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