Jake Paul Roasts Zayn Malik: He’s A F*cking Lunatic!!
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Jake Paul Roasts Zayn Malik: He’s A F*cking Lunatic!!

Jake Paul is roasting Zayn Malik again after the pop singer was accused of assaulting his child’s grandmother.

“He’s a f*cking lunatic. He needs help—he needs to go to rehab, all that shit. And I called it since day one. The guy’s a complete asshole and of course, he punches Gigi’s mom,” he said. “He punched her in the face or some sh*t bro. That guy’s a dickhead. … He’s lucky I didn’t beat his a*s last time we were here in Vegas last time.”

He said he did not want to fight Zayn and when asked if he would consider fighting him he said:

“Nah, he has to box his f*cking demons first. … I don’t need to squash sh*t [with Gigi and Zayn]. I don’t got no problems. Just people are a*sholes. Truth always comes out.”

Zayn pled no contest to four counts of harassment: two counts involving Yolanda, one count due to him harassing Gigi over the phone, and one count involving a family security guard.


Florida School Security PUNCHES 11 Yr Old; Live-streamed On IG Live!! (; 0:55)

Zayn is on probation for each count but, if he completes an anger management class and a domestic violence program, a judge could terminate the probation after six months. 


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