IG Star Blasts NBA Youngboy For Making ‘C-Section’ Babies w/ His ‘Herpes D**k’
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IG Star Blasts NBA Youngboy For Making ‘C-Section’ Babies w/ His ‘Herpes D**k’

A popular IG star is going viral across Twitter, after giving a hard hitting critique of NBA Youngboy – the hottest and most sensational young rapper in music.

Charleston White – who is known for his harsh criticism of the hip hop community – is making some very harsh comments about NBA Youngboy, MTO News has learned. And those comments have NBA Youngboy trending as the #1 topic on Twitter today.

The comments were made during a recent interview, where Charleston was asked whether he “personally” disliked NBA Youngboy. Charleston said, “Yes.”

And his explanation of why . . . is going viral.

According to Charleston White, he’s upset because NBA Youngboy has herpes – a medical fact that Youngboy publicly admitted to – and that he continues to have unprotected s*x with young woman.

Charleston explained, “He’s a dirty d**k young n***a, with herpes.”

“He’s having a whole lot of c-section babies. [NBA Youngboy] is impregnating them girls, and the [babies] can’t have a natural birth,” Charleston added.

He continued, “[The babies] can’t come down the canal because [NBA Youngboy] contaminated the p***y with that bumpy d**k.”


Charleston White Blasts NBA Youngboy Herpes (; 0:37)


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