‘High Value’ Kevin Samuels Takes ‘IG Thottie’ Brittany Renner On A ‘Shopping Date’! (Vid)
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‘High Value’ Kevin Samuels Takes ‘IG Thottie’ Brittany Renner On A ‘Shopping Date’! (Vid)

Kevin Samuels, 55, is blowing all the money he makes on Youtube, on his new girlfriend Brittany Renner, according to online reports viewed by MTO News.

The two were spotted out yesterday on what looked like a “shopping date” according to multiple sources in Atlanta.

Kevin, who is known for telling his viewers that high earning men deserve to date beautiful women, was seen inside of Atlanta’s high end Lennox Mall – with Brittany Renner.

The two were seen walking in and out of high end luxury stores, and Kevin appeared to be taking the beauty on a shopping spree, according to onlookers.

Brittany, who looked gorgeous, is known for dating wealthy Black men. Brittany speaks openly about routinely having relations with athletes. According to Brittany she has a very “high” celebrity body count.

Last year Brittany,29, garnered controversy by dating a much younger NBA player whom she met while he was still in college. After dating for a few months, Brittany got pregnant by the baller and is now suing him for tens of thousands in child support, MTO News has learned.

It looks like she and Kevin are having a good (and profitable, for Brittany) time together.

Here’s video:

Kevin Samuels Dating IG Thottie Brittany Renner (; 0:09)


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