Chappell Roan Turns ‘The Tonight Show’ Into ‘Swan Lake’ for Whimsical ‘Good Luck, Babe!’ Performance
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Chappell Roan Turns ‘The Tonight Show’ Into ‘Swan Lake’ for Whimsical ‘Good Luck, Babe!’ Performance

Move over, Tchaikovsky, because Chappell Roan took her own stab at Swan Lake while on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday (June 20).


Taking to the late-night talk show’s stage surrounded by lilies , the pop star performed her breakout single “Good Luck, Babe!” while dressed head to toe in white feathers and a frizzy blonde wig, resembling the classic ballet’s Princess Odette. As the performance reached a fever pitch with the song’s viral chorus, Roan crawled on her hands and knees toward the camera, flashing her long, white acrylic nails.

But Roan wasn’t finished there. The “Pink Pony Club” singer also sat down with host Jimmy Fallon for a brief interview. This time dressed in a black bustier adorned with enormous black feathers — presenting the black swan Odile side to her performance’s Odette — Roan chatted with the host about her humble beginnings operating out of Willard, Mo., and spoke about her self-ascribed moniker of “your favorite artist’s favorite artist” from her Coachella performance.

“That was a reference to Sasha Colby, and Sasha Colby said, ‘I’m your favorite drag queen’s favorite drag queen,’” Roan said, referring to the drag legend and winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15. “It just hit me through the heart. And so I hope one day Sasha Colby watches me, and that’s why I said it.”

The nickname has stuck for the singer. When Fallon revealed that he’d Googled her earlier that day (“Did you not know who I was before?” she cracked), a message popped up below the search bar saying, “Did you mean: your favorite artist’s favorite artist.”

Roan clarified that she’s not the one who put the suggestion on the website, but shared her theory of who was behind the message. “It’s this random twink that works at Google, I know it is!” she said. “It’s some assisstant that said, like, ‘We love her.’”

The star also spoke with Fallon about her recent string of successes, saying that they’ve helped validate an opinion she’s long held. “It feels like I was right all along,” she quipped with a laugh. “I feel kind of like, I made it already when people showed up to my concert a few years ago … everything else has been a cherry on top.”

Check out Roan’s performance of “Good Luck, Babe!” above, and watch her full interview with Jimmy Fallon below:


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