Cam’ron Disses Anthony Edwards, Addresses Viral CNN Interview in New Freestyle: Listen
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Cam’ron Disses Anthony Edwards, Addresses Viral CNN Interview in New Freestyle: Listen

While donning a Luka Dončić Dallas Mavericks jersey, Cam’ron started off the latest episode of his It Is What It Is podcast with a quick freestyle. Over Black Rob’s “Woah,” the Harlem rapper addressed a new Adidas commercial for Anthony Edwards’ signature sneaker, the AE 1.


Adidas Basketball posted the commercial for the Anthony Edwards AE 1 sneaker on its social media accounts on Friday (May 31):

The commercial features the Minnesota Timberwolves’ guard cataloging the receipts of the hate he’s gotten since coming into the NBA in 2020. One of those receipts belonged to Cam’ron, who said, “To me, he an all-star, but not a superstar, yet” on It Is What It Is. Edwards responds with a jump shot and says, “F–k, buddy,” to which his homeboy, who’s on the side reading the receipts, answered, “It is what it ain’t.”

Naturally, Cam had to respond. But instead of addressing it as “Cam the Sports Pundit,” he decided to answer Ant-Man as “Cam the Rap Legend.” Before getting to Edwards, Cam addressed his viral CNN interview with correspondent Abby Phillip, during which she asked him about Diddy and the allegations he’s facing. “I ducked the FBI, what I care about CNN?” he goes, and “Apologize, Abby, anything I may have said/ But the play was already read/Get a Black woman and a Black man to kill a Black man that’s already dead.”

Then Killa took aim at the NBA player. “But f–k wrong with Ant-Man?/Gave him his props, homie got love from me/New commercial, ya ain’t got love for me?/He shot a jumpshot and said ‘F–k, buddy’,” he rapped. He kept it going with “Kyrie Irving with this s–t, don’t get crossed up/Shooters, pardon that’s just my own thoughts/Luka, I’ll send you home on your home court” as he references the Wolves’ embarrassing Game 6 loss to Dallas at home.

He then goes in on Adidas, putting the blame for the commercial on the athletic apparel company. “Get ’em an Uber, I don’t know what y’all thought/ Adidas, I’m blaming you, this is y’all fault,” he raps defiantly. “Ya think you got the b-ball version of Kanye? Come on, stop it, duke/Y’all just stoppin’ through/He do somethin’ y’all don’t like, you’ll drop him, too.”

Adidas has not yet responded on social media or to Billboard‘s request for comment.

Ye made headlines when he fell out with Adidas in 2022 over antisemitic comments the rapper made in interviews and on social media.

Check out the freestyle below and watch the full episode here.

We now wait for Anthony Edwards to drop a diss track in response.


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