Twitter Drags DaBaby’s Parenting Skills Over New Instagram Post
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Twitter Drags DaBaby’s Parenting Skills Over New Instagram Post

DaBaby posted a video of him with his daughter, but social media quickly dragged him for not supporting his baby’s neck.

“Imagine thinking it’s sweet enough to play w/ my kids then boom…. I whip out & burn yo ass n front of everybody & walk away w/ the str8 face😉.” he wrote.

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“Let this fame sh*t fool you into thinking I’m not living & dying for ALL mines. Aint sh*t changed, The FIRST one of y’all I catch playing in person I’m doin you dat😊 So y’all n*ggas be safe👍🏾 Daddy love you baby😘 Can’t wait to put ya boyfriend on a T-Shirt🤗” he said.

In the comments sections, fans begged him to hold her neck and called the caption “corny.” he eventually turned off the comments.

DaBaby is trying to turn his image around after he called the cops on his baby mama DaniLeigh and accused her of trying to tear a Black man down. He called her crazy.


Danileigh ATTACKS Da Baby In Front Of CHILD; ‘U Ain’t Gonna Bring A Black Man Down’! (Vid) (; 2:20)


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