Trey Songz May Spend The REST OF HIS LIFE IN PRISON . . . After R*pe Claims!!
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Trey Songz May Spend The REST OF HIS LIFE IN PRISON . . . After R*pe Claims!!

R&B singer Trey Songz is currently facing a slew of lawsuits, from women who claim that the handsome singer s*xually assaulted them. Now an industry insider is claiming that he believes that Trey may end up in prison for LIFE over the allegations.

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During a recent Twitch live stream hip hop gossip blogger DJ Akademiks claims that over the years he has heard from about ten different girls who have all told him the exact same story about Trey Songz and a certain thing he likes to do in bed, whether his partner is willing or not. 

Akademiks also said that “everyone” around Trey knows what he’s up to and believes that Trey going down like R. Kelly. 


Akademiks Snitches On Trey Songz (; 10:37)

So far three women have claimed that Trey r*ped them. An anonymous woman claimed that Songz sexually assaulted her at E11Even Miami nightclub on January 1, 2018. She later filed a lawsuit seeking damages of $10 million. 

On December 30, 2021, Dylan Gonzalez, a former member of University of Las Vegas’ women’s basketball team, tweeted, “Trey Songz Is A Rapist”. On January 11, 2022, she released a statement on social media accusing Songz of raping her “at a well known Las Vegas hotel”. Songz later denied the accusation.

In February 2022, a third woman accused Trey Songz of rape, saying he anally raped her in March 2016


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