Tommie Catches Daughter STEALING; Can’t Discipline Her Because Of Prior ‘Abuse’ Charge
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Tommie Catches Daughter STEALING; Can’t Discipline Her Because Of Prior ‘Abuse’ Charge

Tommie Lee claims that her 17 year old daughter stole her car, when she was out of town. And the Love & Hip Hop star claims she can’t discipline her child – because she is currently on probation for abusing her two years ago, MTO News has learned.

Tommie Lee

Tommie claims that she went out of town on business, and when she got back home, she realized that her daughter stole her luxury Jaguar – and crashed it.

Tommie told IG that she can’t even discipline her daughter for the theft, because she is on probation for abusing that same child just 2 years ago.

Here’s Tommie:

Tommie Catches Daughter STEALING; Can’t Discipline Her Because Of Prior ‘Abuse’ Charge (; 0:23)

Tommie’s daughter Samaria was allegedly pregnant last year. It’s not clear whether she had the baby:

Tommie Lee was arrested in 2018, and sat in jail on child abuse charges against the then 17 year old Samaria. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality star has had run-ins with the law throughout her life, but these abuse charges were her most serious charges yet. Tommie publicly sharing what happened the day she reportedly went to her daughter’s school to discipline her, MTO News reported.

According to Tommie, in 2018, she started to worry about her child after she got numerous reports from her daughter’s school that the young girl was getting into trouble. Tommie alleged that her then 14 year old daughter got ahold of some marijuana edibles and gave them to her friends in school. In turn, one of the students fell ill and their worried parents rushed them to the hospital.

Tommie pulled up on her daughter at school – and assaulted her in front of teachers and administrators. Tommie shoved her child’s head into a metal locker and dragged her by her hair. She was subsequently arrested, MTO News confirmed.

She was sentenced to 10 years, with two years to serve and the rest on probation, according to the spokesperson. The two years is suspended upon completion of a residential recovery program and 12 months of successful aftercare with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

According to the terms of her probation, Tommie can’t have any form of violent contact with a child, she can’t travel outside the state of Georgia without written approval, and can’t attend work or promotional events where drugs or alcohol are present.


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