Missy Elliott Calls Out Jowell for Implying She Gets 99% of Bad Bunny’s ‘Safaera’ Royalties: ‘This Is Very Irresponsible’
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Missy Elliott Calls Out Jowell for Implying She Gets 99% of Bad Bunny’s ‘Safaera’ Royalties: ‘This Is Very Irresponsible’

Missy Elliott is clearing her name after successfully getting her royalties for Bad Bunny’s hit song “Safaera,” which features a sample from her hit, “Get Ur Freak On.”

It all started last week, when Jowell of Jowell & Randy said in an interview that his royalties for his feature on “Safaera,” dropped to just one percent due to the uncleared sample. The interview led to some backlash, with some claiming that “Safaera” is an original Bad Bunny song and Missy does not deserve her chunk of the royalties.

On Wednesday (Mar. 16), an Ariana Grande fan page called out Jowell on Twitter for “all the hate your interview is bringing Missy!”

“F— that,” Jowell replied. “Let them enjoy their money. Its not you and me enjoying it right ? Let them be happy and talk about something else . Missy dont even care . Why would you ?”

Elliott, after seeing the tweet, replied to Jowell, writing, “Sadly you mislead all these people to make them think I have 99%. Now I don’t talk business on line because that’s messy but now we are here I have 25% and there is 6 other samples & 15 other writers on this one song. They got percentage also…”

She continued, “And by the way I do care.. this is very irresponsible….I hope you clear this..”

Jowell then had a change of tone, noting that “something got lost in translation cuz i never said u take 99% thats impossible there are a whole bunch of other peoples in there,” before adding, “Im cool with my 1%. Excuse me, Nothing but love from Puerto Rico to you. We are both in business. Let’s chill and enjoy what we have. Peace.”

Missy replied, “I’m glad that you now mention that there are many other samples/writers on this track that got their percentages that you hadn’t named. We both in the music business & know how we must clear someone else’s work much love from VA#757.”

Billboard has reached out to Bad Bunny’s team for comment. See the Twitter exchange below.


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