Meagan Good & Devon Franklin Appear To Have SPLIT UP!!! (EXCLUSIVE)
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Meagan Good & Devon Franklin Appear To Have SPLIT UP!!! (EXCLUSIVE)

MTO News is hearing some pretty strong rumors to suggest that actress Meagan Good, and her pastor/spiritual advisor husband Devon Franklin may have split up.

We spoke to two people in the know who tell us that Meagan and her husband have not been seen out together for months.

According to one insider, who partied with Meagan on Halloween – the gorgeous actress was “not wearing her wedding ring” and “was dressed extremely sexy.”

And while Meg was partying it up across Los Angeles for the past week, Devon appears to have been in Atlanta – according to his IG page.

Here’s pics of Meagan at two different Halloween parties in Los Angeles:

And there’s more. MTO News did a quick search of both Meagan and Devon’s IG pages, and neither has posted a picture of the other in almost 6 months.

This is a remarkable turn around for the couple. Just one year ago, the pair were practically inseparable, and all over each others social media pages. In fact, the two went on a nationwide book tour and lecture series, MTO News has learned.

Then there’s Meagan’s 40th birthday in the Dominican Republic. The breathtaking beauty turned 40 earlier this year, and she posted pics from her birthday – and she didn’t show Devon in any of the pics. But she did show her girlfriends, as if it was just a “girls trip.”


We spoke to one of Megan’s former friends who told us, “I can’t say they’re separated because I don’t know the ins and outs of their marriage . . . but Megan looks and acts like she’s single.”

The friend clarified to MTO News that she has no evidence of Meagan being romantically involved other men. She was speaking solely on the amount of “partying” that she claims the actress has been doing lately.


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