Man Who Killed 21 Savage’s Brother Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison!!
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Man Who Killed 21 Savage’s Brother Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison!!

Tyrece Fuller, the man who stabbed 21 Savage’sbrother to death, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for manslaughter.

Fuller killed Terrell Davis-Emmon and was given an additional three years for possession of an offensive weapon but the time will run concurrently. Davis-Emmon was also a rapper named TM1way. 

He was out shopping for his grandmother when a fight broke out between him and Fuller. Fuller reportedly had a six-inch blade and stabbed Davis-Emmons in the chest after the victim had put his weapon away. He died at the scene.


21 Savage And Young Thug Beef?? (; 0:06)

Davis-Emmon refused to leave prison to attend his sentencing hearing.

“I have struggled with an emotional and psychological war within myself, comparable to that of an elevator that only goes down. His nan, my mother, still sits in her house waiting for Terrell to return with milk and juice,” 21 Savage’s father told the court. “I have seen so many messages from people he helped when they were in a bad place. Terrell had a bright future ahead of him. He had great ambitions in music and had started a painting and decorating course. He was on the right path to achieving his ambitions. We will never know the future that Terrell would have had and would have enjoyed. Any success he would have achieved, he would have selflessly shared with his family and people in the community. We will never get over the loss of Terrell.”


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