Kylie Jenner Accused Of PAINTING HER FACE BLACK In New Video!! (Watch)
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Kylie Jenner Accused Of PAINTING HER FACE BLACK In New Video!! (Watch)

Kylie Jenner is coming under fire today, after she released a new video, where the youngest Kardashian appears to have painted her face with dark makeup, MTO News has learned. Many fans are now accusing Kylie of “Blackfishing.”

“Blackfishing” is a term that refers to someone who is pretending to be black or mixed-race, particularly with regards to social media and influencers who might benefit from misrepresenting themselves in this way.


Kylie Jenner accused of blackfishing (; 0:09)

Kylie has made close to a billion dollars, creating an image that’s largely bolstered by her link to Black culture – in particular her former boyfriend Tyga, and her baby’s father Travis Scott.

Many African American advocates believe that Kylie “uses” her adjacency to Blackness for profit, MTO News has learned.

In the videos, the pregnant star Kylie spent time inside her custom Rolls Royce with sister Kendall Jenner, sometimes chatting, sometimes just pouting at her phone.

When she joked about having ‘pregnancy brain’ from behind the camera, Kendall also appeared more tan than usual, seeming to suggest Kylie was using a filter that darkened her features.

Jenner previously faced accusations of blackfishing after she was accused of changing the caption of an August 2020 Instagram from ‘brown skinned girl,’ to ‘brown eyed girl.’ 


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