Keefe D Alludes To DJ Quik Setting Up Biggie Smalls Murder!!
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Keefe D Alludes To DJ Quik Setting Up Biggie Smalls Murder!!

Keefe D, the uncle of Tupac Shakur’s alleged killer, says that DJ Quik may have been partially responsible for setting up Biggie Smalls’ murder.

Death Row Records artist Jewell has been accused of murdering Pac, but when this theory was put to him, Keefe D had a different opinion.

“I don’t think Jewell would do that. Me myself, I think Theo and them did ’em, the DJ dude. That’s who I think did it. Him and Quik. That’s what I think. I just think the set-up went down in that type of way, but I don’t think homegirl did it ’cause Puff told me that they was there to sign with his label,” he said.

“I seen Tha Dogg Pound dudes, they used to come to his events. And that’s a cold mixture that Suge [Knight] had going down. He was a Blood and all his artists was all Crips. That’s a trip. That was a hell of a mixture.”

He said DJ Quik was at the event.

“He showed up with them Blood dudes. My homies was out and was like, ‘Them n*ggas are here.’ I went and relayed the messages that DJ Quik and the dude Theo, he was a radio personality back then, was down there with them dudes. That’s where the sh*t went down,” he says.


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“If we would have left with them — we had about seven, eight cars — we would have lined up with ’em and no way in hell nobody coulda got away, and we were strapped up. Everybody had a strap, so it would’ve been some sh*t. It would have been some sh*t. I think he would still be here.”


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