James Corden Opens Up About Friendship With ‘Best Mate’ Harry Styles: Watch
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James Corden Opens Up About Friendship With ‘Best Mate’ Harry Styles: Watch

There are few celebrity bromances as special as the one shared between James Corden and Harry Styles. The two have been close pals since the “As It Was” singer first appeared on the Late Late Show in 2015 while still a part of One Direction, and in a new interview with Capital FM, the talk-show host divulged a couple details about his superstar friend.

According to hosts Sonny Jay, Roman Kemp and Sian Welby, one of the No. 1 topics listeners wanted to hear Corden talk about was Styles. “We know you’re best mates, you text each other all the time,” Jay told his guest of the 28-year-old pop star.

The first thing the radio-show wanted to know on behalf of their audience was: What does Harry smell like? Corden was quick with his response. “Summer in a bowl,” he said immediately, before doubling down. “In a bowl.”

They were also curious about Styles’ height, to which the Into The Woods star shared: “He’s annoyingly tall, actually.” He continued, “Annoyingly tall. Because you see him as being sort of slight, but he’s not. He’s not swole like Kemp. He is taller than you think.”

Styles — who Google says is six-foot even, by the way — recently teamed up with Corden as part of the promotional campaign for his new album Harry’s House, which came out May 20. That month, the two filmed an entire music video for the Grammy winner’s song “Daylight” with a $300 budget, and used a group of strangers’ apartment as a set for a Late Late Show segment.

And prior to that, Styles appeared on Corden’s show several times for interviews, impromptu public concerts, Carpool Karaoke, games of dodgeball and more. The “Late Night Talking” musician even filled in for Corden on the Late Late Show when the host’s wife unexpectedly went into labor.

Watch James Corden talk about Harry Styles on Capital FM below:


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