Fans Spot Another Sign Taylor Swift Is Linked to Ed Sheeran’s ‘The Joker and the Queen’
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Fans Spot Another Sign Taylor Swift Is Linked to Ed Sheeran’s ‘The Joker and the Queen’

Old pals Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift may be staying mum about the rumors, but fans have found a new clue that the pair might have reunited for another song together.

On Saturday (Feb. 5), sleuths somehow noticed that the song credits listed on YouTube for Sheeran’s “The Joker and the Queen” official lyric video showed the words “feat. Taylor Swift.” (At the time of publication, this can be seen on the video’s YouTube page, and a screenshot was also captured in many fan tweets, like the one embedded below.)

The original version of the ballad, a track on Sheeran’s = album, does not feature Swift.

Sheeran had people talking about the prospects of Swift joining him for a remix of “The Joker and the Queen” last week, when he posted an Instagram teaser about “signing some cds for something coming in a bit, keep an eye out.” His update included a photo of autographed CDs featuring a playing card that’s one half joker and one half blonde queen that suspiciously looks a whole lot like Swift.

According to fan theories, this was apparently the latest in a series of hints that the two might have something related to the song in the works — like the Taylor Swift patch on the back of Sheeran’s jacket in his “Overpass Graffiti” video, and the not-so-subtle equal sign Swift carved into the cake in her “I Bet You Think About Me” video. Neither artist, nor their reps, commented on the speculation at the time.

The two have previously released three songs together, all on Swift albums: “Everything Has Changed” on Red, “End Game” on Reputation and “Run,” a vault track on Red (Taylor’s Version).

Below, see the latest sign that Sheeran and Swift just might be teaming up yet again, very soon.



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