DJ Akademiks To Freddie Gibbs: “Stop Tweeting. Start Spinning!!”
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DJ Akademiks To Freddie Gibbs: “Stop Tweeting. Start Spinning!!”

DJ Akademiks got into another Twitter spat, and Ak told the rapper to spin on him.

.@FreddieGibbs “i cOuLdA sMoKeD aKaDeMiKS”. Stop the tweeting … start Spinning u internet gangsta,” Ak tweeted.

He called Gibbs a fake gangster.

“Every day u tweet about me instead of spinning like u rap about u just a fake ass rap N*gga to me. @FreddieGibbs,” he wrote.

“Last time U lost your job don’t lose your life trying to make a point that u can’t prove @Akademiks,” Gibbs posted at one point.

Ak clapped back: “Boy u tweeted too many warnings … stop tweeting .. stop warning.. spin . Fake ass gangsta. Ur dad a cop. And u gave police a statement but ur the gangsta .. admit it u a clout chasing h*e.”

He added, “@FreddieGibbs u tweeting threats that’s why I know u ain’t on shit. That’s why I’m having this energy wit u. U a h*e ass rapper tryna portray a image. Memes can’t help u this time.. u jumped out the window and started talked smokin sh*t… u ain’t doing sh*t. U hoe ass N*gga”

Who is in the right here?


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