Baltimore Man Brags About Stealing Woman’s Money!! (‘Wasn’t Robbery, It Was A Finesse!’)
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Baltimore Man Brags About Stealing Woman’s Money!! (‘Wasn’t Robbery, It Was A Finesse!’)

A Baltimore man is admitting publicly to stealing more than a thousand dollars from a woman, who believed she had met the man of her dreams, MTO News has learned.

But the man is claiming that the alleged theft shouldn’t be considered a robbery. According to the Baltimore man who calls himself “a street dude,” it wasn’t a robbery . . . it was a “finesse.”

Here’s the story: A woman named Denise met up with an old friend from Baltimore, whom she’d long had a crush on. Denise travelled from her home state in North Carolina, to meet the man – whom she admitted had street ties.


Baltimore Man Brags About Stealing Woman’s Life Savings!! (‘Wasn’t Robbery, It Was Finesse’) (; 3:23)

But it wasn’t just romance that Denise was looking for. Denise came upon a large packet of drugs, and she needed help selling it. So she reached out to the man, and asked him to broker the drug transaction for her, MTO News has learned.

Denise claims that her old friend promised to help her sell the drugs, take her out on a date and show her a good time.

On the first night that Denise arrived in Baltimore, things were magical. The two went to a casino, a club, and then to a hotel, where the couple made passionate love all night long, MTO News has learned.

The next day, the two went to the mall – to complete the drug transaction. That’s when things went left. Denise claims that the man slipped away with her drugs, and left her stranded at the mall.

Dag…so all that s*x for nothing….

Denise made a TikTok video explaining what happened.

Shortly after the video went viral, the man responded – telling his side of the story. He told his viewers, “I didn’t rob that lady, it was just finesse.”

See the full video above.


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