‘Convoy’ multiplayer is coming to ‘Euro Truck Simulator’ “in a matter of days”
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‘Convoy’ multiplayer is coming to ‘Euro Truck Simulator’ “in a matter of days”

American Truck Simulator Texas DLC. Image Credit: SCS Software

A multiplayer mode titled ‘Convoy’ is arriving for Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator “in a matter of days”.

According to developer SCS Software, the Convoy mode will bring multiplayer driving into the two popular simulation games in a large update.

Convoy has hovered in beta for a while now, but appears to have finally been cleared for main-game release. SCS Software announced the update in a new blog post, saying it would release in “a matter of days”.

The blog post went into detail about Convoy, saying players will “have a chance to join [their friends] on the road, taking the same job and delivering cargo together, navigating through synchronized traffic, braving the weather along the route and much more”.

Convoy will consist of private sessions in which friends can drive alongside each other and deliver the same cargo. A YouTube video was also released, showing the mode in action.

The Euro Truck Simulator team has been working on many corners of the globe, with their recent expansions covering both Spain and Russia.

In other gaming news, the new DLC for Final Fantasy XIV, Endwalker, has caused a surge in pre-orders, which may have led to server overloads.

The sudden surge in popularity has meant that Final Fantasy XIV is no longer available on some digital stores, and players can no longer create new characters on North American servers.

According to the most recent Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter broadcast (July 10), Endwalker has apparently received a 160-180 per cent increase in pre-orders compared to the previous Shadowbringers expansion.

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