A-List Atlanta Rapper Accused Of SEXUALLY ASSAULTING Male Stylist!!
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A-List Atlanta Rapper Accused Of SEXUALLY ASSAULTING Male Stylist!!

MTO News just got a really juicy bit of gossip. One of the most popular rappers in the world is being accused of sexually assaulting a stylist – who is a gay male.

The explosive allegations – which MTO News expects will become public soon – will likely become the biggest story in hip hop for the year 2021. That’s especially true when the lady in his life gets wind of all this . . .. 

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Cardi B Pregnant With Baby #2!! (; 0:22)

MTO News spoke with an entertainment insider, with exclusive info on the alleged assault. According to our insider, the rapper allegedly lured his male stylist into a secluded area in his home, and then the rapper allegedly pulled out his p*n*s – and touched it on the stylist.

The male stylist – who is traumatized by the incident – may be planning on taking legal action, MTO News learned.

We did some digging on this rapper, to see whether any rumors of inappropriate behavior, or gay acts have ever been linked to him.

One person who worked with him in the past told MTO News, “I never heard anything about him sexually assaulting anyone, but word is that he’s bisexual. Media always talks about him cheating with strippers, what about all that ‘bussie’ he’s been getting.”

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